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My Next Season

Now available to you, it's My Next Season, a curated box based on what we'd all need for the next season of riding.

Whether riding on dirt, the roads, or paved paths, it's supposed to be fun and worry-free. So this box is geared towards navigating through the next season, and the preparations needed to get there.

While this is a more robust offering than My Next Ride, both complement each other nicely. Each box will acquire items that are necessary to start cycling essentials, or it will add to the myriad of whatever cycling collection is at home.

Shipping mid-January 2019, My Next Season will subsequently ship each Equinox and Solstice month (beginning of March, June, September, and December).

- $45/quarter

- $160/year

- Savings of $20

- Only $25/month OR $250/year

- Savings of up to $50!

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