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News From The Cycle Fox, 19dot1

Congratulations! You made it through the Polar Vortex of early 2019! Now, onto some fun bike info... Cool new product:

Fidlock Uni. Fidlock is German, and personally I am of the group that says Germany simply makes. good. stuff. So with all that said, they use a BOA system for the Uni, but have their own system for magnets on your bike. Pretty rad stuff! I love these because they are very secure and offer a great way to hold your water bottle. This is more secure than a bottle cage.

Fidlock - VERY neat products

Best value for service:

Make sure to check out our subscription service options! They are a phenomenal value for both parts and service this upcoming season. There are two options: Performance and Safety. If you ride more often and attend events and/or race, Performance is for you.

Coolest bike the past month:

Revolver during build

Norco Revolver! This bike is great for shredding the Central Indiana woods while dry enough, and it is now ready! It was a frame-up build from a crack in the frame. This customer didn't cause the was a shipping company, so for anyone who needs a bike shipped and done well/right, let us know! It's great to have the capability to work with customers who want quality work done on their bikes so they are safe to ride.

Revolver Complete!

Coolest product seen/felt/touched:

absoluteBLACK chainring set. This customer went from a traditional compact chainring set to a subcompact setup. absoluteBLACK has oval chainrings that are optimized for power. Science. While I've installed these before, they are still so neat! If you'd like to talk further and/or get these installed on your bike, we're here for that!

Before absoluteBLACK

After absoluteBLACK

Upcoming this month:

CABDA - Bicycle Expo in Chicago. Follow us on Instagram for pictures and stories! @thecyclefix

Bike Party: "Best workout date?" tomorrow, 2/7

Schedule your spring season tune-up HERE


Not good

Here in central Indiana, there are (almost) always a few days to ride in January, February, and March. And since that's the case, wouldn't you like to have your bike ready to go when the temps get up-there-enough-to-ride? Well when the days arise, check the valve stems on both wheels. If they are NOT perpendicular to the rim, deflate the tires/tubes enough so that you can alter the valve stem angle. Then once they are at a perpendicular angle, air them up to the recommended pressure and have fun!

Picture to left: no bueno.

Thanks to Bike Radar, this valve stem is good!

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