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News from The Cycle Fox, 19dot2

Even though we are in Spring and it still feels like winter...the weather is BOUND to break soon. Stick with it!

CABDA: Chicagoland Area Bicycle Dealers Association - 2/13 and 2/14

The big players in the bicycle industry, as well as MANY startups were in full-force at the 2019 CABDA Midwest Expo. There was so much to learn, in addition to meeting many new folks and seeing old faces, and I can't type the extent of everything in the email, so here is the rest…

There were Big-person BMX bikes, new nutrition players, inexpensive bike-shop bikes, and one of my favorites, bike storage and car racks. To save a little space, I’ll just paste some pictures, but if you’d like to hear more just ask the next time you see me and I may not stop talking 🙂



Cool New Product: Microshift 1x9

In the days of 1x11, 1x12, and even 1x13 (from ROTOR) drivetrains, this MicroSHIFT solution is for the masses, so we don't all "have to" upgrade at the drop of a hat. Trust me, I’m all in favor of a 1x system in general, and I can’t honestly say any of them are bad, but there is always industry push for the newest, greatest, etc. Our biggest goal is to make the current bike YOU own work very well. Now, sometimes it warrants several new parts because they are worn past their useful life…that’s occasionally the case. But typically there are only a few parts here and there that need replaced from what we’ve seen. Yes, that may change as a whole, but thus far this is the case, and we will not push you for new parts any chance we get.


Refresh your bike for Spring

If your bike has had a few seasons since the last time it's been looked-at, it's time to get it ready for THIS season. What are you waiting for?!? Your bike will love you for it 🙂

Also, we've had more demand for storage in a garage or extra room, in addition to Hitch Installs. Hitch bike racks are VERY secure, and we love that your bikes are safe from the pavement and the people behind you are safe as well. So get scheduled for one as soon as you'd like!

We do full-custom for bikes and other miscellaneous items you need to pack out-of-sight. Or we get storage shelves and help you choose what's right for you. Next month's edition should have more on custom installations and hitch installs.


The next section kinda speaks for itself...

Tips/Tricks: Wiping down the bike frame

To make the frame look as shiny as above, get a microfiber towel and glass cleaner, and wipe down the FRAME. If you'd like to wipe down the other parts of the bike, be VERY careful not to get into the nitty-gritty with solvents. And if you need a demonstration, I'm more than happy to do it in front of you the next time I'm servicing your bike.

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